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    New on 27 June 2018:
    - Counterfeit cosmetics and social media - A survey
    - Biociden : de ins en outs van de wetgeving op alle niveaus (BE, LU en EU)
    - Intensive course in dermato-cosmetic sciences 2018
    - Chine : baisse des droits de douane les cosmétiques
    - Tool - Chinese INCI self-checking list
    - 5 Steps to make sure your formulas comply with China cosmetic regulation
    - ECHA and Cefic agree to collaborate on REACH implementation
    - Becoming an excellent cosmetic formulator
    - Cosmetics Europe Insights 2017
    - ERI 360 °: A label to assess the sustainability of cosmetic ingredients

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    New on 7 June 2018:
    - DETIC Institute - Training on Biosourcing - Save the date
    - RSPO is becoming more inclusive for smallholders
    - USA - Cosmetic Claim Compliance (Social Media)
    - Cosmeticday - Science in a bottle
    - Culture : quel avenir pour les mots du parfums ?
    - « Menaces sur les huiles essentielles »… les intox d’une pétition à succès
    - Sole Amico - Belle initiative de Cosmetica Italia
    - Congratulations to Cosmetics Europe!
    - The Future of Retail
    - Voyage sous la peau
    - Beauty Market - 10 innovations
    - Stora Enso : Un pas de plus vers le remplacement du plastique?
    - Culture ! Des pellicules vieilles de 125 millions d'années.
    - Packaging cosmétique - 2-3 July in Lyon
    - Cosméto-Pharma : des référentiels pour des exigences communes ?
    - Postmodernisme, une société du risque
    - Oilseed crop's waste product yields compounds that protect skin from the sun
    - Skin Protection 2018 - On line conference - 2018 June 13
    - What Consumers Expect from Skin Care in 2018


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    New on 24 May 2018:
    - What beauty players can teach the consumer sector about digital disruption
    - Le cosmétique bio idéal décrit par les consommateurs
    - Microfactory unveils a new antiperspirant efficacy testing
    - Label Eco Socio Extrait
    - Ook in België lage concentraties asbest gevonden in cosmetica
    - The Cosmetics Business Regulatory Summit 2018
    - Pourquoi les marques du luxe sont-elles si discrètes sur leur engagement durable ?
    - Consumer insight: Slow cosmeceutical growth in China amid lifestyle factors on skin
    - Une enzyme à l’assaut du PET
    - The use of LCA to design greener and more sustainable cosmetic products
    - Sunlight, diet and pollution – Effects on oxidative stress and skin ageing

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    New on 23 May 2018:
    - Exposition solaire et chronobiologie
    - Beauty trend watch from Cosmetica Italia - April 2018
    - Décripter les odeurs avec le CNRS
    - Wet wipes making headlines for environment: is a ban approaching?
    - Authenticity, mindfulness and social media (IKW Study)
    - Who owns your formula?
    - 2nd intercontinental personal care excellence conference (IPCE)
    - Anti-ageing Skin Care Conference (LONDON)
    - Le groupe Beauty Success lance un concept de « néo-parfumerie »
    - Hawaii set to pass bill banning sunscreens harmful to coral reefs
    - European Parliament votes to support a global animal testing ban
    - New regulation provides greater clarity on endocrine disruptors

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    New on 13 april 2018:
    - China - Market control
    - Toothpaste alone does not prevent dental erosion or hypersensitivity
    - New Perfumer & Flavorist is on line
    - Henkel partners with Waste Free Oceans to fight marine plastic litter
    - Sustainable packaging
    - Asianification strengthens multicultural beauty marke
    - Protection: latest in preservatives, anti-pollution & probiotic skin care
    - Counterfeit make-up - New trends in China !
    - Un parfum peut-il naitre de déchets ?
    - Fragrances graphiques : vers une nouvelle tendance en parfumerie ?
    - Producing compounds from birch for the cosmetics industry
    - A guide to the most interesting databases of bio-based products
    - Performance Analysis of Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters in Hair Care
    - Economie circulaire - Formations du DETIC Institute en 2018
    - Conférence : les parfums qui soignent.
    - The future of fragrance growth opportunities
    - Le futur de l’ultra-personnalisation en 5 tendances
    - Polymers that mimic chameleon skin
    - Exposure to and toxicity of parabens - RIVM Report 2017 -00 28
    - Entretien avec Clémentine Humeau - nez à Bordeau
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    New on 29 March 2018:
    - Parfums ressourçables : le nouveau geste luxe et responsable ?
    - Dons de produits - TVA
    - Organic Personal Care Market - Market & forecast 2017-2026
    - Des parfums pour voir !
    - Make Fragrances Stick With Polymers
    - Culture - Sustainable Citrus in Calabria, Italy
    - Les huiles essentielles : normes et contrôle de qualité
    - Forward Thinking: The Natural Evolution
    - Economie circulaire et secteur cosmétique
    - Les consommateurs de plus en plus attentifs à la durabilité des marques
    - Effective Protection and Repair of the Hair from Daily Weathering
    - Increasing the efficiency of the fragrance oils in wash off products
    - Cosmetics regulation in Sri Lanka
    - New BW Confidential is on line
    - Wine polyphenols could fend off bacteria that cause cavities
    - Why People Experience Seasonal Skin Changes?
    - Beneficial skin bacteria protect against skin cancer
    - It’s time to make the case for preservatives
    - Mapping de la consommation en Espagne - Etude Stampa
    - DETIC invites you at the annual event essenscia - Circular economy
    - The Beauty of eCom Getting the Most Out of Online Cosmetics Sales
    - Instagram, le réseau social qui redéfinit la communication des marques
    - In silico cosmetics safety assessment / training /23/05/2018 / Milano

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    New on 13 March 2018:
    - Humans Are Neglecting Our Sense of Smell
    - L'emploi du naturel et de la synthèse dans la parfumerie d'aujourd'hui
    - Formulating with carbomer
    - Packitoo: a new app in the search for packaging manufacturers
    - Plant-derived volatiles may serve as future antifungals
    - 'Vertrouwen in veiligheid' - Jaarvergadering NCV/NVZ/NAV
    - Gender-neutral Beauty and Personal Care Products Gain Ground in 2018
    - News on hair care market in Europe
    - Perfume - New Niche: Simple or Simplistic?
    - Et si le BIO devenait illégal ?
    - IFSCC Congress 2018 - Registration open
    - Worldwide stop for animal testing for toxicology evaluation
    - Intercontinental Personal Care Excellence Conference
    - Soon : The IFSCC KOSMET science database !
    - Future of Formulations in Cosmetics Summit
    - Cosmetic Efficacy Claims Evaluation Guidanc
    - IFSCC Newsletter Issue No 18, February 2018
    - Le recyclage du plastique commence par une vision commune
    - Ethics in Toxicology

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    New on 15 February 2018::
    - Preservative alternatives
    - Culture - Le calendrier olfactif
    - Impact du Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données ('RGPD')
    - How a company is engaging its consumer base
    - Cosmetic ingredients for anti-pollution skincare products
    - Literature Review: Smell It to Believe It
    - L'acné expose à un risque augmenté de dépression
    - The responsible mica initiative
    - Seaweed as a new environmentally friendly sunscreen?
    - Culture de follicules capillaires
    - Journée d'info - Enjeux de la cosmétique moderne - Février 2018
    - NAV - Aerosol trainingsdag 11 april 2018
    - Baby boomer women ‘ignore’ advertising
    - Trophées Cosmébio 2018
    - Self regulation - ICC digital Courses
    - Le point sur les microbilles dans les cosmétiques
    - Effects of abrasives in thoothpastes
    - Principles & Practice of Cosmetic Science (PPCS) course
    - Packaging Innovation Contributes to Greater Sustainability
    - Marketing - Biodiversity awareness map
    - Designing the Next Generation of Hair Dyes
    - Vertically Assessing Value-Added Ingredients in the F&F Industry
    - Soap - Should I use Foaming or Lotion Pumps?
    - Save the date : Cosmetics Europe conference 2018
    - Participez à l'enquête sur l'Ecolabel Européen !
    - Aryballe’s Digital Nose On Display at CES 2018

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    New on 16 January 2018:
    - Publication of the (New) Royal degree about notification of nanomaterials in Belgium
    - Accord sectoriel sur la substitution des microplastiques
    - Potential cosmetic applications of coffee silverskin
    - Innovation - les 10 startups qui révolutionnent le secteur en France !
    - Rencontres réglementaires COSMED 2018
    - Een cosmeticamachine als een brooodbakmachine?
    - Actifs cosmétiques pour la réparation cutanée
    - 5 pivotal packaging trends to watch for in 2018
    - Fuseproject - The first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor
    - New Study Explores Techniques for 3D Printing Lipstick Applicators
    - Modern luxury in the beauty sector
    - Good to know: anti-agingcrèmes beschermen tegen de zon!
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    New on 17 November 2017:
    - How to determine the legal framework of a product (DETIC Institute)
    - Les 5 questions que pose la norme volontaire ISO 16128
    - Understanding the Shift Towards Minimalist Cosmetics
    - Does ‘natural’ mean better?
    - Pourquoi existe-t-il des parfums pour hommes et pour femmes ?
    - Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU - Training Course
    - La cosmétique "Maison" Pas si simple - nouvelle campagne de FEBEA
    - 10 step skin care tutorial from Korea
    - Beauty beyond natural
    - INVITATION - Easy Green
    - France pulls 140 beauty products from shelves for banned preservatives
    - Faire du Marketing après des études en cosmétologie ?
    - How Beauty Trends Differ Throughout Asia?
    - ChemLinked Cosmetics Newsletter October 2017
    - Beauty Survey 2017: Key Insights and System Update
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    New on 3 November 2017:
    - Produits cosmétiques à mélanger par les consommateurs
    - Swedish government considers action on preservatives in cosmetics
    - Addiactive - Magazine from Gattefossé - November 2017
    - Mint - the free e-book (from Perfumer & Flavorist)
    - Exposition de la Population Française aux Produits Cosmétiques
    - Halal-certified fragrances!
    - Culture : à la recherche des parfums de l'antiquité
    - Beat Adult Acne to the Punch
    - Cosmétique et packaging - Emergence du bois !
    - Croissance du marché cosmétique masculin
    - Problématique des perturbateurs endocriniens
    - COSMETINNOV 02/03/2018 - “A new sight – science meets the industry”
    - Cosmetic 360 a décerné ses awards de l'innovation cosmétique
    - Effects of Nano-sized Bee Pollen as a New Cosmetic Ingredient
    - The Nagoya Protocol in Action
    - Scent and Spirit: Fragrances in the Vedic Tradition
    - EU Regulations Influencing the Fragrance Industry
    - CFDA to Adjust Cosmetic Registration

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    New on 27 October 2017:
    - België speelt een voortrekkersrol in EU als het gaat om microplastics
    - NEZ n°4 - Octobre 2017 - La revue olfactive - est disponible
    - Consumer Insight Video - TREND - Skin Care - Protection
    - Le bulletin d'octobre de l'ISIPCA est sorti !
    - [Podcast] The Art and Industry of Niche Fragrances
    - Regulation : tattoo inks and permanent make-up
    - Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference, 5-6 June 2018 - LONDON
    - Informatie website over haarkleuren
    - How to Create a Self Tanning DHA Lotion
    - Un site internet sur les perturbateurs endocriniens
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    New on 20 October 2017:
    - IFSCC Newsletter - Issue No 16, October 2017
    - Mineral oils are safe for human health ?
    - Consumer Perception of the Cosmetic Industry
    - Statutaire algemene vergadering van de KBVC - Assemblée générale statutaire de la SRBC
    - Co-Washes and Shampoos Must Co-Exist in Europe
    - ISIPCA accueille la 2ème édition du concours Corpo 35
    - Future of Surfactants Summit Europe
    - Chemical constituents of pure and hybrid Spanish sage oils
    - Black tea essenstrate - Scent and the Spirit
    - Sufism’s Fragrance of Love
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    New on 6 October 2017:
    - Eurasian Union: new standards to expect for perfumes & cosmetics
    - Belgium mulls 'total ban' on microplastics in consumer products
    - Beauty brands are merging the real world with the digital one
    - Navigating the Fragrance Revolution with Jean-Paul Agon of L’Oréal
    - Contrefaçon - 5 points clés
    - Skin allergy safe product
    - Des belges au top de l'étude de l'odorat
    - Genotoxicity evaluation of cosmetic ingredients: the good strategy
    - Economie circulaire
    - Master class Circular Design
    - De la fleur aux parfums : Essence et Avenir du Naturel
    - Cosmétique bio: une nouvelle norme internationale qui fait polémique
    - Nouveau Master de spécialisation en dermopharmacie et cosmétologie
    - Mineral oil in lip care product
    - Campagne de FEBEA pour rassurer les consommateurs

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